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When I say this I mean this in all sincerity! This stuff is so good!! My skin instantly felt smooth with a glow. I literally used one jar in 3 days. Normally I use cocoa butter oil as my after shower ritual, however, after using the body scrub I didn't need to put on oil. They smell amazing and don't judge me but I tasted it and lol it actually taste good too!  The strawberry scrubs are made with real strawberries. I have super sensitive skin and will break out over anything but this product left my skin refreshed and supple.

Mrs. Smith

Rosharon, TX

I've been using the strawberry facial scrub for 2 weeks and it helped clear up my skin.

Mrs. Oliver

Fayetteville, NC

The facial scrub really had my face felling soft and I rarely use anything because my skin is so sensitive, but it did wonders, no more dry face peeling. I will definitely order again. 

Ms. Wright


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